Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back from the NEC

I went to the NEC on Thursday and Friday this week. It was wonderful to see so many beautiful things and meet so many interesting people.

The exhibition seemed much smaller this time. None of the big knitting manufacturers had a stall and there were far fewer card crafting stalls.

On Thursday I went to browse and found these wonderful bags of rainbows from 21st Century Yarns. The one in the middle is small skeins of Shetland wool - approx 4 ply - which will make an interesting pair of mittens. The other 2 bags are short lengths of pencil rovings in all different colours approx 10-12" long for playing with : )

I had a lovely time in the Relax and Knit corner run by the UK Handknitters. They were really busy teaching lots of people how to knit. I admire their patience and dedication. Its funny to put faces to names of people I 'know' from the Internet.

On Friday I was on the stand of the Association of Guilds of Weaver, Knitters and Dyers. We were very busy all day. I took my drop spindle and demonstrated with it. People seemed fascinated by the way the fluffy stuff sheep wear turns into soft, beautiful yarn to make things from. The idea that a simple spindle could produce yarn captured their imaginations. I think my handspun, hand-knitted bag has been fondled to death LOL. We sold lots of CD spindle spinning kits as many were inspired to try for themselves. I came home very tired, but also elated that such interest was shown in our crafts, and happy to have spent 2 days in the company of like minded people.


daisie said...

well there's a mystery solved! I pestered the Spinning and Weaving Guild on Thursday asking for you! I probably walked past you several times....

Aknita said...

I'm pleased to hear you had such a lovely time in spite of events earlier in the week, and hope it went some way to making up for missing Woolfest.