Saturday, September 1, 2007

Introducing the Chickens

I think its about time you met the girls!!! The black fluffy Silkie is called Pom-pom and is a really cheeky character. She runs up to greet me and is into everything. The Golden Lacewing is called Cocoa. She is the bossy one and keep the rest in order. The Silver lacewing is called Sylvia and just gets on with eating and roaming around. I have 2 cats who are both afraid of the chickens - so no problem there. Goldie scolds the cats if they get too near and the cats run away LOL. I will introduce my cats properly when I can get them to sit still enough to take a photo, perhaps when the chickens are in bed. They are still a bit young for laying, but we should have eggs soon.
Ah, but what about the white fluffy one???? Unfortunately she has died. She had a genetic condition which only reared its head about 2 weeks ago and there was nothing we could do. She is now fertilizing the allotment.

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