Monday, September 10, 2007

Sublime Spindles are 1 Year Old

We are celebrating with a new spindle. This one is a silk spindle, 1 oz in weight, made of Pear with a Beech shaft and a Mahogany tip. The support bowl is deeper than our previous style and is a layer of Pear and Mahogany. It reminds me of White and Caramel chocolate.
Many, many thanks to all our customers and to all those who have supported and encouraged us throughout our first year. Thanks also to the shops who stock our Sunflower Swifts and Sublime Spindles and those who have allowed us to showcase our wares on their websites. You are all wonderful and we appreciate your faith and kindness.
I had better stop there as this is beginning to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech LOL. Happy spinning and swifting to you all - here's to next year!!!


natalie said...

That's gorgeous.
I may need to buy some silk!
Well done.
Here's to Year Two!


daisie said...

Congratulations and many more years of spinning successes!

that spindle does look very caramel-ish, also like those bars of chocolate which are layered dark, milk, coffee, white etc.

textilejunkie said...

Man you got me at cake :) The spindle is gorgeous.