Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Body Hair - Unfeminine?

I have just watched the program on channel 5 made for women, by women, about body hair.

The words used to describe normal female hair growth were 'disgusting', 'revolting', 'unacceptable', 'dirty' etc. These are WOMEN talking about normal, natural female bodies as nature intended.

Are periods disgusting, unacceptable, dirty or revolting? Is it 'unfeminine' to menstruate, sweat, pass wind, get dirt under ones fingernails?

We fought for our daughters right to equal opportunities and access to the jobs of their choice. Our mothers and grandmothers fought for the right to stop damaging their bodies with corsets, stop wearing hampering skirts and restrictive clothing, and the right to compete equally with men on every level.

Where have we got in 100 years if the basic human female form - hair and all, is decried by women themselves as 'unfeminine' and 'dirty'?

ALL women are Real Women, no matter how fat, thin, tall, short, hairy, etc. and are acceptable. I wonder how European women watching this program feel to know that their culture of natural body hair is seen so negatively. Hopefully they have the sense to dismiss the premise that natural womanhood is somehow 'unwomanly'. IMHO!!


Put a Sock in it said...

Hear, hear! This type of negative attitude from men makes my blood boil; that it came from women is disgraceful. Grr....

Toffee's Mum said...

I'm with you on this one!