Monday, October 22, 2007

New chickens, a cat.....and a sock

Yes, we have 3 more chickens. They are minature bantams, and tiny as the gratuitous foot shot shows. Their eggs are the size of quails eggs and the chickens are very tame. A neighbour got them for his son but they were a bit too much for him, so he came round with these beauties in a cat basket and gave them to us : )

These are Silvia and Cocoa - our full sized bantams. I know you have seen them before, but I didnt want them to feel left out of the photo-shoot LOL

This is Pompette - our black Silkie bantam. Her brother (see posting a few days ago) had to go back to his breeder as his crowing was a bit too loud, so we just have her now.

The front minature bantam is Twilight, the middle one is Dawn and the one at the back is called Stormy.

My boy cat - Ebony - he is a rescue cat and very soppy. Can you tell I love him ???? He lies down in the chicken pen and the hens just come right up to him and shoo him away.

And finally, a knitting shot. I have finished one of my pink socks for Breast Cancer Awareness month. And I have checked my breasts.


Leigh Russell said...

Lovely chickens and cat. And .... well done on the sock. It is ... well, a lovely sock. Keep up the good work.

Put a Sock in it said...

Nice chickies! The little ones look so cute. Smashing "breast cancer awareness" sock too. Lovely and snuggly. :)

steel breeze said...

Love the cat, I love black cats! plus a fellow Coventrian (OK I'm in Rugby now but I'm still from Cov!)

Wanda said...

Oh, I want chickens. We used to have Bantys when I was young. For now I have to be content with throwing scraps to our neighbor's chickens which always come running when they hear the sliding door open. The neighbor's son brings us fresh eggs almost every week. mmm