Monday, October 8, 2007

Lazy Kate Cover

My poor Lazy Kate has been gathering dust for weeks. We are waiting for the walls to be re-plastered in my spinning/sewing area and the bare brick sheds dust like there is no tomorrow. No matter where I put it or how often I dust it, the next day my Lazy Kate is covered in dust again. I had put a plastic bag over it, which did the trick but didnt look very nice.

The wonderful Franney from the Crafty Threads 'n' Yarn forum makes beautiful knitting bags. I ordered 2 from her and, voila - one of them fits over my Lazy Kate perfectly!! No more dusty bobbins and yarn and no more grotty plastic bag : ). The other bag is being used for my current knitting project of pink socks. It definately adds to the knitting experience to use a hand made, beautifully finished and lined knitting bag!!


franney said...

*insert excited squeal here*
I LOVE seeing my little bags being put to work, it's GREAT!
I'm really happy that you are pleased with them Claire, but i think i may have made a booboo!! Do they have ribbon through the top of them? I have a strange feeling that they don't, in which case you'll have to let me know so that i can send you some *blushing*

Spinayarn said...

No worries : ) There isnt a ribbon through them, but I cant see where the ribbon would go and they work perfectly anyway.