Friday, May 29, 2009

Spinning Frustration

WARNING: Self pitying whinge in progress!!!

OK, I am feeling very sorry for myself because I cant spin on a wheel. My ankles wont let me (long boring medical story) and it just isnt FAIR!!! Stamping feet and pouting are going on here. I am off to Woolfest and I will have to ogle all these lovely wheel, shake my head sadly and walk away (with my stick in my hand)

I love the way wheels look, the faint whirring sound they make, the feel of the wood, everything - but I cant use one.

I dont want an electric one (adopt whiny tired toddler voice here) I dont want a Charkha (been there, tried that, the spindles are too small and the ratios too high)

I feel a serious sulk coming on to get it out of my system before the spin-in where I will be surrounded by wonderful wheels and - even worse - people SPINNING with them.

I love my spindles and can (and do) use them everywhere, but DAMMITT - I WANT A WHEEL TOO!!!

OK, and relax, breathe and think of your blessings woman - rant/whinge over.............thanks for listening LOL


ambermoggie said...

I feel just the same, we will have to commiserate with each other at Woolfest. I've tried several styles of wheel and they all are much too painful for me:(

Yarnspider said...

Huge Enormous cyber hugs! At least you can get to Woolfest!! (Bigs sulks coming on as I can't this year!

Julie said...

Even though I have recently converted to a wheel, there is still a lot to be said for spindle spinning! It gives you far more control over what you're doing (at least in my novice opinion) and would definitely be my choice in terms of portability if nothing else.

If it makes you feel better, I'll not be bringing my wheel to Woolfest, so if I spin at the Spin In, I'll be using a spindle and one of your beautiful spindles at that! :)