Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cats in Charge

OK, I have no furniture...but DH has made something for the cats!! We had some of the new carpet left over and were worried about claws on the new carpet and furniture (when it arrives) so DH (unasked) took control:

He made scratching post and resting place for Their Highnesses. He used some off-cuts of wood and a log and the left over bits of carpet. He disappeared into his workshop muttering something about spoilt cats under his breath...and re-appear a few hours later with this!! Doesnt Ebony look comfy? DH really does like cats and Rowan is nearly always on his lap in the evening , he just cant bring himself to actually admit that he likes them LOL.
I think I have a very clever hubby.


mandycharlie said...

That looks wicked! My cats would love one of those.

Christina said...

nice to see DH has his priorities right...