Friday, November 13, 2009

Car Crash!!

Yep, the title says it all. Last night DH and DS were travelling to Leamington at 5.30pm and were in a collision with another vehicle. No-one was hurt, thank God, but both the other car and our car have been wrecked : (

DH managed to coax the car home somehow, it took ages as the radiator was cracked and we had to stop every 3 or 4 miles to fill it up with more water. The garage today said it would cost £3,500 to repair it and, as it has done 170,000 miles and is rather old, we arent going to even try. The insurance only covers third party, fire and theft so no joy there either. The chassis is twisted and the engine block cracked etc.

Next time I am going for fully comprehensive cover.

Anyone know of a Citroen Berlingo diesel going cheaply second hand?????


mandycharlie said...

Thank goodness that they are both okay.

Yarnspider said...

Only just found this!! (shows how together I am!) pleased everyone is ok, and whilst it's a PIA - at the end of the day it really is only a car.