Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mitten Time

These are 2 pairs of bog standard mittens made on 2 needles. I finished them last night. The yarn is Artesano Alpaca inca cloud DK and I used 65g for each pair.
The pattern is Wendy DK 4008 and the mittens are adult sized for me and DS.

I'm feeling grumply today...lots of little things going wrong, nothing major, but irritating. It seems I can cope with major stuff like the car, but the daily niggles get to me. Especially when 99% of them seem to be avoidable if people just thought ahead, or thought of others when making their plans and decisions.
Hot, sweet tea...I need you !!!
Now I have nothing on my needles and should be thinking of what to knit next, but the black pit of depression beckons me and 'cant be bothered' is taking over.

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steel breeze said...

When I feel like that I make a garter stitch scarf or something dead simple, and watch some comedy. Cheer up chuck, the shortest day's only about 35 days away and then we're looking forward to spring again ! :)