Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cosmic Karma & Premium Bonds

OK, yesterday and Thurs were a disaster but today the vet gave my puddy-tat the all clear from her injuries in a dog/cat fight and I won some money on the Premium Bonds........

I accept that a £25 win isnt going to buy a new car, but it will buy some fibre therapy...

And 1 of the fish died so we are down to 3 now. Isnt cosmic karma wonderful, the chaos theory is my reality LOL

PS The new windows we ordered arrived and they are all too small - not our mistake but more hassle. Where is my duvet??

And it is so windy here I swear I just saw Mary Poppins fly past, but the sun is shining and the rain last night has made all the late blooming flowers sparkle : )

And we took DS out last night in the hire van and all had a lovely meal and a good (if slightly hysterical) giggle later watching HIGNFY and the other comedy programme that come after which I cant remember the name of.

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