Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Day Job

After the interest show on my posting about the wood yard, I thought you might like some photos of what we do for a day job. We design, build and hire out continuo organs. Most weekends we travel to a concert hall or church with one or more continuo organs that we have made. Choirs and music societies hire us to provide an organ for their performances. It involves a lot of travel but we get to hear some top performances and wonderful music.

The above two photos show one of our organs. It was designed by DH and everything you can see which is made of wood was made by us, even the keyboard. Only the metal pipes are bought in as they have a high lead content and have to be made by specialists. The quantity of wood required shows why the wood yard is a big feature in our lives : )
Of course, to transport such an instrument takes lots of room. This is why we bought a Berlingo. It was the only non-van available which fitted both an organ and DH's long legs.
This shot of me near a statue is not purely gratuitous. The net is entwined with bits of knitting yarn.
Above are more photos of the wonderful artwork and carving in the church we were at for the latest concert. It is in Holborn in London and very High Church. I love looking at old churches and especially stain glass windows.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

wonderful Claire
Hope youa re ok BTW?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is very High Church there - all bells and smells apparently. Lovely to see what you do.

Pearlesyarn said...

The organ is wonderful, the colours of the wood are lovely. Very interesting profession thank you for sharing what you do with us all.