Sunday, May 16, 2010

Malvern Quilt Show 2010

On Friday DH and I went to the Malvern Quilt Show. As always, the quality of the quilts is outstanding. I was inspired by many of the quilts. The artistry and quality of workmanship was wonderful to see. I have put together just a few my favourite quilts. I think, if you click on the photo, you can get a better, larger picture.
I loved this one because the quilter had used words as well as colours. It seemed a refreshingly new interpretation of the competition requirement to produce a rainbow quilt.

The movement of the colours in this quilt caught my eye.

I love lone star type quilts and this one, with its foundation piecing, just spoke to me.

This was by the inimitable Ferret. She has such a distinctive look that her work can be spotted miles away. The wholecloth is dyed one colour. The lighter colours are created by using dense embroidery in other threads.

I chose this one for the beauty and harmony of its colour scheme and the accuracy of the piecing.

And this one for the same reason.

Don't those colours just zing???
I came away feeling both inspired and despairing. I have such a long way to go before I can produce anything like the work I have seen displayed. Still, everyone has to start somewhere!!
My next project is to try Cathedral Windows, by hand.

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Yarnspider said...

thanks for posting these, the photos are just beautiful.