Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Fell Into My Basket.......

Honestly, it just sort of fell into my basket.......all by itself!! The yarn below is Wollmeise Twin in Campari Orange. Isn't it delicious? 150g and 466 metres of heaven : )

The wickedness continues. I went to Web of Wool and bought 4 balls of this:

It is called Panda Wool and is 51% bamboo. I havent knitted with bamboo before, but I love the colours and sheen. Each ball is 50g and 172 metres.

Finally, meet Phoebe. The label says she was hatched on the 13th March. I needed a new pin cushion so I can justify this purchase ; )
I think I have definitely failed at not buying yarn this year..........and that goes for fabric too!!


Laurie said...

What beautiful yarn - especially that Panda Wool!

Linz Knits Now said...

well you haven't failed miserably lol the yarn is droolsome and chicky pincusion is way cute :D x